This week, representatives of the U.S. military (Wendell P Shaw, DAC and Denzil A. Kendall Senior Chief, USN) visited AGI at our JFK location to present a few of our employees from the Mail Department with awards as a thank you for their dedication and good work moving the DL Military Mail that was sent to the troops during the Christmas season.

Awards we presented to the following AGI employees from the Mail Department:

  1. Reginard Hinton – Duty Manager
  2. Thomas Bradley – Supervisor
  3. Kavirak Aditya – Supervisor
  4. Malik Ali – Lead
  5. Eon John – Lead
  6. Dean Falconer – Office Agent
  7. Carolyn James – Office Agent
  8. Dhiradeo Basdeo – Mail Agent
  9. Charles Mcgriff – Mail Agent
  10. David Layne – Mail Agent
  11. Shatiek Artis – Mail Agent
  12. Jeetendra Algoo – Mail Agent

On average, AGI moves over 40 million pounds of mail a year at our JFK Delta facility.

Thank you to all AGI staff and the work you do.