AGI San Francisco

AGI San Francisco operations proudly handle cargo for seven airlines from our facility on Westfield Road. With direct ramp access, AGI operates from 07:00 – 23:00 daily, Monday through Sunday.

Under the leadership of General Manager Malia Jennings, our team of nearly 85 full time people includes duty managers, supervisors, office, warehouse and screening personnel, all working to meet the unique requirements of each of our customers. Working closely with airline loadmasters, we have established a rhythm of receiving, delivering, build up and break down based on the flight departure times and their destinations.

Handling both domestic and international cargo, the cut-off times vary slightly, with a shorter domestic cut-off ranging from 2 – 3 hours prior to flight time departure and international ranging from 4 – 5 hours. We offer both canine and technology-based screening for customers who require the service.

In order to maintain the fluidity and ensure we can operate in our 33,000 square foot facility, AGI San Francisco offers 24 hours free time after cargo is available, including weekends and holidays. Customers are encouraged to pick up their freight during this time but are welcome to call and speak to duty manager or supervisor if there are extenuating circumstances.

Operating as a ground handler, particularly on an airport means we have a responsibility to the arriving aircraft and crew for each flight. We must focus on unloading and loading that flight to keep the aircraft on schedule, whether providing only loose cargo belly-loads for narrowbody passenger flights or ULDs for widebody passengers and freighters.

Last fall, a combination of COVID-positive cases and seasonality challenged us with handling one of our premier clients in the market. Doing what AGI does best, we mobilized leadership and staff across the company, bringing in qualified personnel from other stations to supplement our local staff numbers and meet the client’s requirements, all while our human resources and recruiting teams worked tirelessly to fill those openings.

We are proud to say that just a handful of months later, we have a steady team meeting the needs of not just that client, but all of AGI San Francisco’s clients. Thank you to the hard-working people who make that possible.