Security Feature: Targeting every angle of the operation

For over 15 years, security has been one of our top priorities! Our cutting-edge security technology targets every angle of our operation, inside and out, from start to finish. We strictly enforce and ensure a secure environment for:

Alliance Air invested and installed a $1.5 million dollar state-of-the-art security system at all three ORD locations.

The system uses Toshiba color digital cameras feeding into the intranet database
There are over 250 individual cameras and 18 digital video recorders located through out the facililties
Each camera individually records and can be monitored via internet to personnel anywhere in the world
All events are logged in electronically and reviewed by the designated personnel in the security operations center
There are two security operations centers, one located in Chicago at the headquarters facility and one off-site and maintained by our security vendor
The system is linked into a new access control system, using one card per person at each location. This allows for tighter control of where individual employees are at each station.
Working with Kemper Insurance, Alliance Ground International has an implemented annual cargo security audit for all Alliance Ground International facilities.
We have a well-established working relationship with government agencies such as USDA, US Customs, FAA, and local DOA(s) among others

Currently monitored by an integrated DIGITAL security camera system
All security equipment is routinely serviced to ensure top working order
Kronos and handscan biometrics ensure that every employee is identified when clocking in and out
Cargo X-ray machine available to scan parcels up to 30’x30′
Monitored employee break area with vending machines and table in a safely sectioned-off portion of the warehouse
The FAA requires Dangerous Goods Training every 2 years. Alliance trains personnel once a year as per carrier requirements
Motion detectors monitor the warehouse
CFS (Container Freight Storage) available
Controlled and monitored trash compactor non premises
Fiber optics throughout building
Forklift training, manuals and video reference available.
First Aid Kits, Spill Kits, and Fire Extinguishers are located at accessible points
Avg. time Imports cargo in warehouse: 36 hrs
Avg. time Exports cargo in warehouse: 8 hrs
Monitored High-Value security cage with log in and log out procedures
Overhead sprinkler system with flow valves and heat sensors that contact fire department directly
Baringer IONSCAN machine detects trace elements of narcotics and explosives, used in airport security checks and recognized by the TSA
A combination of natural light through 16 4′ x 8′ secured skylights, and white high voltage metal halide lighting provide interior lighting
Import Storage Racks
Staff closely supervise all warehouse activities

All employees are trained on the TSA Model Security Program
Document Storage area
Client Intercom System
ISO Compliant O, S D reports sent electronically to regional level and claims department.
SOP to specify reporting policy and action plan, security training, re-enforcing SOP
800 hotline to report tips, dangerous situations and thefts, as well as a reward policy to be posted in facilities for employees and customers whose actions lead to an arrest or recovery of stolen freight
Inventory measures and procedures paper to freight and freight to paper
Video monitored, driver-secured vestibules.
All delivery receipt paperwork is authenticated by a validator machine, no paperwork can be sent out without authentication
Extensive background checks on employees, using Avert and/or Pinkerton, Social Security Number verification, 5 year employment history verification (10 year background check if airport access required for job), criminal background checks, and regular background checks are ongoing
All Alliance Ground International’s senior staff carry Nextel 2-way radios that allow inbound calls, and are used for networking within the facility
Outside of Building / Entrances

Ample, clean, well-lit parking area
Airport Security Vehicles patrol area
Carefully positioned cameras monitor exterior building and docking areas
Entrance ways and overhead dock doors are routinely serviced to ensure against the possibility of any security breaches
Vestibule intercom system
Magnetic employee key card entry
Video monitored, secured foyers