Chicago Facility (ORD)


AGI operates 3 cargo terminals at ORD:
Cargo Buildings 517, 516 and 663. The total space of all these
facilities combined is 348,330 square feet.
Building 663 is on-airport and offers (3) 747 Parking Spaces or (2)747
Dash 8 Parking Spaces.


Cargo Building 517

Cargo Building 517, Alliance Ground International’s custom-built 176,000 s.f. on-airport facility, has an annual capacity of 374.4 million pounds. It houses the company’s corporate headquarters and Chicago Cargo Services and is the second largest cargo building on O’Hare.It has 42 docks, six main deck workstations, six scissor lifts and separate import and export roller systems. Thirty-seven (37) video cameras provide constant monitoring of all warehouse activities and access points. It is U.S. Customs bonded and features full electronic and video security.

Cargo Building 663

North Access Road Chicago, IL 60666

Building size: Total 78.820 sq..ft
Aircraft Parking: 2 Spots
Truck Doors: Total 14  plus 2 drive up doors
Scales: Total 2
CHS & ETV System (touch screen control)
Two (2) 20 ft dock lift w/side shift
Two (2) by pass lanes running east/west
Two (2) by pass lanes running north/south

Single rail ETV wide edge leading
Three level storage 90 positions.
Two (2) 20 ft scale
Two (2) 10 ft scale
Two (2) 20 ft build/break stations
Two (2) 10 ft build/break stations
A cooler
Five (5) by pass lanes to aircraft
Cargo Building 516 

Alliance Ground International handles Japan Airlines and Polar Air Cargo in a second on-airport facility, Cargo Building 516. The same high quality equipment and customized services are used in building 516, which is about 111,000 s.f.Main deck workstations are used for maximum pallet (height) build up. These workstations provide a safe platform from which our agents can load pallets and maximize their utilization. Each of the workstations has an oversized, reinforced opening and is equipped with a Web-Stiles scissor lift. Alliance Ground International invested over $253,800 in these workstations in order to facilitate build-up procedures.All freight is built directly on slave pallets, transferred to one of our two roller systems, and then onto our roller bed trucks. Aircraft pallets never touch the floor. Alliance Ground International provides dedicated doors for export receiving. Shipper built pallets are received by way of two mechanized edge-of-dock door lifts. Shipper built ULDs are received, reweighed and staged directly onto our 47-position roller system.This system has 20-foot pallet capabilities and allows direct interface with our 53-foot, four position airport transfer trucks. Twenty-foot pallets and oversized freight are loaded directly onto the loader to reduce the cumbersome task of handling or loading 20-foot dollies. This provides a better, safer operation. This building was designed specifically to allow flexibility and cross utilization of systems and space. This allows adjustments in client space demands or shifts in import and export tonnages.