3A Track Information System: A $2 million investment paying off

Alliance Air has invested over $2 million in its information and operating system, 3A Track.

3A Track gives full, immediate status information on all freight within the Alliance Air network electronically – from origin to destination.

By automatically updating the computer systems of our clients, in real-time, current freight status updates are available to each of our clients, within their own computer systems!

Contact 3A Track Information for information on getting your airline connected to the 3A Track system, or call 800-227-6634. Constructed using the latest Web technology, 3A Track is a powerful, state-of-the-art, yet user-friendly system that provides real world business solutions to our clients. 3A Track is the latest enhancement to Alliance Air’s services: Airline Cargo Handling Services, Scheduled Interline Road Feeder Services and Personnel Services.

See our Services for information on our scheduled interline road feeder service, airline cargo handling services and personnel services.

How 3A Track Works

3A Track implements full air waybill (FWB) data capture at the point of acceptance and transfers all flight information to an Alliance Air (3A) ACTM, electronically. Alliance Air’s surface vehicles, outfitted with Global Positioning Systems, automatically update the 3A Track System, which in turn sends an EDI message to the client. In addition, all of Alliance Air’s ground transportation vendors are linked to 3A Track so that completely coordinated pickup, delivery and status information is available from origin to destination – at all times. Once freight is within the Alliance network, uninterrupted process interfacing makes time definite performance a reality.


3A Track streamlines the billing process by utilizing the captured FWB data. IATA Clearinghouse, local and third-party billing plans, without sacrificing time or accuracy. Full electronic settlement is available for those who want to dramatically reduce or eliminate accounting paperwork.


Complete delivery information is accessible via a CCS, direct host-to-host communication or the Internet at the following address: www.alliance-air.com. Security parameters are tailored to each client’s specifications. 3A Track services are available to all of our interline clients, free of charge.