Real Time, Key Event Triggered Cargo Imp EDI / FSU Messages Free to 3A Customers

All messages are programmed to ensure correct formatting and do not require any special function by Alliance Air or airline personnel. This is a totally free service to Alliance Air customers.

Benefit to the Airline

Increased sales by opening up the entire USA and Canadian market for sale from origin gateways. Free tracking, quality management reports and real-time status updates all provided free of charge to Alliance Air customers.

Management Services

Shipment Status – Every air waybill can be tracked via the airline’s system, the airline’s web site or via Alliance Air web site, Use this free service to check air waybill movement and destination handling charges including an up to the minute storage charge calculator.

Shipment Status Report

Fully detailed report for all consignments showing DEP, RCF and DLV activity, including percentages and total number of messages sent for a selected time period.

Monthly Cost Analysis

A detailed report showing total number of air waybills, tonnage and costs by route for a specific gateway city or for the entire country. Can be accessed via the web using Alliance Air’s Extranet Portal services, login and password required.

Export: (sent to the airline)

RCS – Received from shipper / agent
FWB / 9 – Air waybill data
FFM / 4 – Electronic Manifest
FWB / FFM – sent to the airline, available upon request. Must replace direct data entry in airline legacy system
Import: (received from the airline)

FWB – Air waybill data
FFM – Electronic Manifest
Import: (sent to the airline)

AWD – Documents given to consignee / agent
DLV – Delivery to consignee / agent
DIS – Discrepancy (ie. non-delivery, CCA, damaged / missing, etc)
Road Feeder Services: (received from the airline)

FFR – Freight Forwarding booking request
Road Feeder Services: (sent to the airline)

FFA – Freight Forwarding booking answer
RCS – Received from shipper / agent
TFD – Transferred to 3A (ie. date / time received by 3A from airline)
DEP – Departure (able to use airline RFS flight schedule if provided)
RCF – Received at destination
DLV – Delivery to consignee / agent
DIS – Discrepancy (ie. non-delivery, CCA, damaged / missing, etc.)