Adjustable to carrier requirements

Personnel services and manpower operations are provided in cities throughout our network.

Staff is hired and trained according to the airline’s standards, but all personnel functions are administered by Alliance Ground International.

Coverage and Management of Staffing

  • Alliance Ground International has over 428 warehouse agents distributed amongst 8 large facilities
  • Each agent is assigned to a specific department or account. This enables the agent to know the intimate details of how each specific account works. This knowledge of customer requirements, transfer details and destinations, delivery requirements, etc.., saves time and promotes efficiency within the system.
  • With the large staff supply, a 24-hour operation and the ability to cross utilize each employee, even with carrier specific-dedicated crews, allows Alliance Ground International warehouse management the freedom to fill in gaps created by employees who call in sick or are absent for any reason. This ensures a fully staffed shift at all times.
  • Alliance Ground International takes 100% responsibility of the operations, which eliminates the need for the carrier, and its customers, to dedicate manpower of their own to oversee the operation. This allows for a seamless and smooth operation to take place and the high industry standards to be upheld.