A network that works

Road Feeder Service is operated throughout the U.S. and Canada via our network of sixty-five (65) 53-foot air ride roller bed trailers which handle five positions of built aircraft pallets.

Twelve of these vehicles are drop deck roller bed trailers that accommodate 118 inch pallets. These are the newest additions to our fleet and were purchased specifically to run in the major main-deck service lane segments. These vehicle and a network of regional surface freight carriers link our inland cargo service facilities to exterior gateway points.

Alliance Air services over 225 cities in the U.S. and Canada.

Airport Transfer Vehicle: an investment in reliability

In Chicago, Alliance owns and operates it’s own Airport Transfer Vehicles to transport freight planeside. These vehicles are 53-foot custom-built Dyna Weld roller bed trailers. Each unit is equipped with four positions of Clyde Aircraft transfer decks to accommodate four positions of built aircraft pallets.

Freight is transported to/from the airfield on these trailers. All export freight is positioned at the gate prior to arrival. Dedicated dispatchers coordinate all transfer truck activity with the carrier’s ground handler and Alliance’s operations agents.

These trucks are staged at arrival, and inbound freight is recovered directly from the loader to awaiting trucks. Interior access roads provide quick travel times to both the South Cargo Terminal and International Terminal 5. Both areas are a short seven (7) minute trip from Alliance’s facility.